Aeroko D. Nova created by MCN51FJ is fanmade character from the 'One Piece' series. She is the sister of Monkey D. Luffy, Monkey D. Tnoro, Portgas D. Ace and Sabo. She is a member of the Kuja Pirates and became a citizen of Amazon Lily when she was 8. Her dream is to travel the world and learn, see and understand the world itself. She is the consumer of the Kaze Kaze no Mi(Air Air Fruit) giving her the power over the winds.


Nova's outward appearance is a bit of a combination of Nami, Robin and Margeurite. She has quite an attractive appearance: tall, slender body, a large bust and her height is the same as Nami's, she has ruffled black and platinum blonde hair(the left half of her is blonde and right half is black), fair skin, a beauty mark located near her lower lip and brown eyes. In her first appearance her attire consists of an Amazon Lily tribal bikini: a tiger themed top and loincloth, a gray/black cape(which she is rarely seen wearing), cloth boots and a boa constrictor bow(which she rarely uses due to her Devil fruit powers). After she left to Impel Down with Luffy and Tnoro to find and save Ace, she wore what appears to be her casual outfit: a white sleeveless t-shirt, blue jeans reaching below her feet, occasionally barefooted she also wears sandals, a towel hanging behind her jeans and her trademark maiden's hat to which she is always seen wearing it. After the time-skip, Nova is notably taller, her hair has grown slightly longer and has a more woman-like appearance. She also has a large scar on her back. Her outfit consists of a rose colored sleeveless croptop with a cloud insignia and the kanji symbol of "wind" on the center, a pair of black pants with gold accents, a floral themed sash around her waist and sandals. She still wears her maiden's hat and wears a dark brown jacket.



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