Alia is a fanmade character from the 'Street Fighter' series created by MCN51FJ. He is a teenaged capoeira pracitioner from Brazil. He is best friends with a ninja named Iori and his new dance partner Elena.


Alia is a tall boy in his late teen years, 18 or 19, though he is quite tall for his age, has long black dreadlocks with about two to three of his bangs are dyed white, brown eyes and has an average muscle build. His casual attire consists of a black jamaican tam hat, a white sleeveless T-shirt, a pair of black traditional capoeira combat pants and a pair of gray sandals. His alternate outfit consists of a Brazil flag themed bandana (though when his outfit is a different color his bandana becomes a another national themed flag, such as U.S., Japan, China, etc.), a red sleeveless jacket with green accents, a pair of navy blue sweatpants with star themed stitching, a half way opened wrap tied around his waist and a pair of red sneakers.


Alia can be described as a man of laughter. He has a tendency to laugh about weird or strange things, even when the situation never calls for it. His friends find it annoying, but only Iori, Elena and Ibuki are tolerant of this. Alia is also kind-hearted, considerate, fun loving, and is easily interested in certain things. Because of his fighting style Alia also loves to dance, depending on what music genre is playing he will automatically dance in in same style as the genre, which then one of friends(mainly Makoto) would punch him over the head. Though considerate of many things, he does not tolerate complete stupidity and overall anything evil. In fighting he tries to have fun while fights, but in the heat of battle, he means business.