Dream Seeker or simply Dream is a fanmade character from the 'Soul Eater' series created by MCN51FJ. She is the daughter of Dr. Franken Stein, the weapon partner of Fortuna Telric and is member of the Spartoi. She is childhood friends with Spirit, Heart, Mind and Soul. Her real is name is Dream Grappelli, but was changed to 'Dream Seeker' before she entered Shibusen probably due to her special ability.


Dream has unkempt gray hair with the back slightly swooped up and yellow eyes. She has a gloomy or otherwise a depressed or sad expression. In her first appearance she wears a dark green short sleeved open jacket slightly torn from the bottom, a pair fishnet gloves, a scarf, a pair of black cargo shorts and shoes. She also wears her symbolic zigzag hairband.

Her soul is purple with her hairband.

In her later appearance she now wears blue overalls with a small pocket in the center, a pink stitching shirt under and purple shoes. She continues to wear her hairband and has a noticeable scar stitching on her right arm which was done by her mad scientist father Stein trying to dissect her as a child.

In Weapon form, Dream takes on the form of an arm holding crossbow.


Dream is very meek and dramatic, she usually takes whatever almost anyone says too literally. When someone gives her comment, she would take it personally and break down and weep until her friends comfort her. She fears her daranged father Stein since she was a child when he tried to dissect her and caused her to become traumatized everytime she sees him. Dream can be a scaredy-cat on the outside, but she becomes brave when required to do so.

Abilities & PowersEdit