Fortuna Telric otherwise known as Fortu for short, is a fanmade character from the 'Soul Eater' series created by MCN51FJ. He is a powerful meister and a fortune teller cursed with all seeing eyes. His demon weapon partner is Dream Seeker Grappelli.


Fortu has what some might call a "creepy look". He has unruly jet black hair with mint green highlights, blood red eyes (when cursed), sky blue eyes (real eyes), fair skin and black circles around his eyes. When he was cursed with all-seeing eyes, his eyes became blood red and his pupils became smaller, but once the curse was broken his true eyes are revealed to be beautiful and calm. His attire consists of a purple cloak or cape, a black sleeveless shirt, a pair of cloth pants and sandals. Fortu is often seen holding his trademark crystal ball where ever he goes.

His soul is black and resembles him holding a crystal ball.


Fortu, as a fortune teller, is very perceptive and observant on anything and everything. Sometimes viewed as a "know-it-all", he is highly intelligent more so than Maka, Stein, Ox, etc. At a first glance he seems quite mellow and calm, but can also be very creepy as he tends pop or appear out of nowhere when a question is asked. Being cursed with all-seeing eyes Fortu knows all and sees all and most of the time will actually reveal embarrassing secrets about his friends. As easygoing as he is, Fortu can still hold a grudge against those he actually detests such as the Imp Lord for turning his entire family into imps. Nonetheless, Fortu is very caring and understanding especially to his weapon partner Dream.

Abilities & PowersEdit