Hyako Kaena, created by MCN51FJ, is a fanmade character from the Bakugan series. She is a young aspiring Battle Brawler who looks towards the original Battle Brawlers as legends and hopes that one day she will become like them, but to be more like her hero and mentor, Ho Roshi. She is the new leader of the next generation of Battle Brawlers.

Character DesignEdit


Hyako is a Vestal girl who can be described as "a fun-loving, strong willed tomboy who loves Bakugan." She grew up with Bakugan as well as learning the history of the Legendary Bakugan Battle Brawlers causing her to develop a incredibly strong admiration for them, especially Ho. She aims to be the next greatest Battle Brawler of all time in hopes of becoming as strong as the Battle Brawlers. When brawling, Hyako can be quite overconfidant in her skills and would place blame on those she teams up with whenever they happen to lose. She, however, learns from mistakes and places blame upon herself later on. Hyako also possesses a strong sense of justice and a caring to forgiving heart once she sees the good in her opponents. She has complete faith in her brawling team and always picks them up they fall.

Hyako, at first, took a habit of acting like a warrior heroine who comes to save the day against evil forces. After meeting with Ho and the original brawlers, she loses this and becomes more dedicated in their training. She is also quite the acrobat, nimble and quicked-witted.

Hyako is the user of Pyrus Bakugan. Her words for choosing this element is this: "I chose fire for the same reason Ho did; it's about energy and power, to tame the strongest of elements. I am all about battling and the Legendary Battle Brawlers are my inspirations. They saved our worlds a number of times, now its our turn to do the same for all worlds."