Hyumo McDonell created by MCN51FJ is a fan made character from the 'Shaman King' miniseries 'Funbari no Uta' and 'Hana's Epoch'. He is the son Chocolove McDonell and Tigre Eye Zaire. He is also known as Tiger Eye Hyumo.


Hyumo heavily resembles his mother. He has his mother's tiger cat eyes and his father's black hair, his hairstyle is in the form of dreadlocks. His height is the same as Hana's. He wears black shorts, sandals and a red poncho covering most of his upper body, his tiger stripes and his jaguar spot. He also wears his father's goggles around his neck. When Hyumo gets older he starts school and begins wearing a school uniform similar to Hana's. He prefers to wear a sleeveless vest over his shirt and an African wrap over his pants. He now wears his goggles around his head.


Hyumo is described as an energetic, street-wise, cool guy. He loves comedy and even makes jokes that actually makes sense and are quite humorous. One thing Hyumo does that no one else has ever shown is that he actually laughs at his father's corny jokes because he thinks or possibly knows that they are funny and even understands the gist. He is also as serious as his mother when it comes down to battling. In school, Hyumo is more laid-back and doesn't care much about studying or answering questions. He is also quite popular with the girls in school (which he wins over with his jokes or his eyes) and usually hits on certain girls, even hitting on Deu and Tarana, mostly because he thinks they are cute.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit