Mind Listener or simply Mind by his friends is a fanmade character from the 'Soul Eater' series created by MCN51FJ. He is a member of the Spartoi and is Liabera Spritus' weapon partner. He is childhood friends with Heart, Soul, Dream and Spirit. His real name is actually Mind Murray, but before entering Shibusen it was changed to 'Mind Listener' because of Shibusen's liberal naming and because Mind thinks that 'mind reader' is too cliché.


Mind has a burgandy spiky somewhat wavey mohawk with the shaven parts orange and purple eyes. In his first appearance he wore a gray short sleeved shirt zipped up, a pair of blue baggy jeans reaching beneath his feet, and black sneakers. He wears perscription glasses due to his poor eyesight and a pair of wristbands.

His soul is red with his glasses.

In his later appearance Mind wears a new outfit. He now wears a sleeveless purple hoodie with an orange/black eye insignia in the center, black jeans and red sneakers. He replaces his wristbands with new ones and wears a muscle brace on his right arm.

In Weapon form, Mind takes on the form of a shield.


Abilities & PowersEdit