Otome Kazami (風見乙女, Kazami Otome) is a fanmade character of the Anime "durarara!". She is known to be a classmate of Mikado.

Appearance Edit

She has a long, twin braided dark brown hair that ends to her elbow. She als have an "attractive" chocolate-brown eyes. Her skin is very pale and soft. Her body is also very slim. Like Yukari, she is known to be "Men's Lady" because she is very popular, especially for males.

Personality Edit

Initially, Otome is portrayed as a polite, soft spoken girl, and mostly can be quite childish and diligent. She's very shy to others. Otome is an introvert.

Trivia Edit

1) Her favorite food is sweets and ramen.

2) Her age has stated to be 14 years old.

3) She is good-friends with Anri .