Spirit Sniffer or simply Spirit by his friends, is a fanmade character from the 'Soul Eater' series created by MCN51FJ. He is the weapon partner of Unknown, and is a member of the infamous Spirit Family and descendant of it's patriarch the Spirit Hunter. He is also chidhood friends with Mind, Soul, Dream and Heart. His real name is Spirit Jordan, but before entering the Shibusen it was changed to 'Spirit Sniffer' because of his natural ability.


Spirit has spiky violet hair with a few his bangs dyed white and blue eyes. In his first appearance he wears a red short sleeved shirt, brown cargo pants, bandages from his shoulders down to his elbows, a purple Chinese hat and sneakers. He has his family's symbol on his forehead which covered by his bangs, the symbol resembles the letter 'S' that seems to represent a spirit or a ghost which glows red when using abilities.

His soul is green with his spiky sun-shaped hair.

In his later appearance he now wears a barely sleeveless forest green shirt with a black sleeveless shirt over it and on this shirt are two red stripes, knee torn jeans, black shoes and black wristbands which appears to be wrist weights. He no longer wears a hat.

In Weapon form he takes on the form of twin Chinese sabers and later gains a new weapon form which he gains after defeating his ancestor and now can take on the form of twin double sided scythes.


Abilities & PowersEdit